120 Microsoft Facts That You Must Know In 2020

Microsoft Facts

Here is the list of 120 Microsoft Facts That You Must Know In 2020:

Fun Microsoft Facts:

  • 2. Pizza is the favorite food at Microsoft campus.
  • Microsoft loves candy.
  • The Microsoft campus is booming with bunnies.
  • Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were once friends.
  • More employees are male than female.
  • The company’s software engineers, known to insiders as “softies,” earn a starting salary of $106,000.
  • Bill Gates has an IQ of approximately 160, although according to his SAT scores it may be as high as 170. Genius is determined by an IQ exceeding 140 on the Stanford Binet.
  • As the new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella is now the most powerful Indian-born tech executive in the world, according to Reuters.
  • After Gates and Allen cracked the security system of the Computer Center Corporation when they were still in high school, the company hired them to “find bugs and weaknesses” in its system.
  • Back in ’75 Gates and Allen actually named their company “Micro-soft,” before removing the hyphen in 1981.
  • Microsoft files approximately 3,000 patents every year and owns more than 10,000.
  • Gates and Allen originally founded Microsoft to develop and sell BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800 computer. Its first customer was Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems, which bought the Altair BASIC program.
  • The shortcut Alt-Shift-D will place the date automatically in MS Word.
  • The Flight Code for one of the planes that struck the Twin Towers on 9/11 was Q33. Type the code into a Word document and change the font to Wingdings to see a creepy sequence.
  • Windows 1.0 was originally scheduled to launch under the name “Interface Manager” until marketing stepped in claiming “Windows” was catchier.
  • Oxygen was considered as a possible name for Windows XP, as in Windows O2.
  • Microsoft’s research division employs 850 Pd.D.s who have researched and produced 5,100 peer-reviewed papers in 55 different areas of study. (Source: Wall Street In Sanity)

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Surprising Microsoft Facts:

  • Bill Gates was officially the youngest billionaire when he reached this astounding feat in 1987 at the humble age of 31.
  • Workers at Microsoft bring 1lb of M&Ms in to celebrate their time at the company on their anniversary for each year of employment. So if you work there for 10 years, that 10lb of chocolate!
  • Microsoft headquarters had 35 cafeterias with free candy and drinks for its employees with breakfast being served until 2pm. One Café; the Café Redwest boasts an impressive 2,000 visitors a day.
  • Q33 was the first plane to hit during 9/11 in 2001 when you type in Q33 in Microsoft’s Wingding’s font, a very sinister and uncouth thing appears; Q33. Whether a coincidence or a cruel joke, I strongly believe Microsoft should remove it.
  • The Microsoft Mouse was Microsoft’s first delve into the world of peripheral mice. The device released in 1983, came with any purchase of Microsoft Word.
  • The arrest photo of Gates actually forms the outline for the default picture option in Outlook 2010.
  • In 2014 Bing, the Microsoft search engine, accurately predicted that the World Cup Final would be Argentina v Germany.
  • Former CEO Steve Ballmer said in 2011 that he found it hard for him to become excited when it came to Android devices.
  • A man named Bob and Microsoft came to an agreement over internet domains after Bob owned “windows2000.com” and Microsoft owned “Bob.com”.
  • According to legend, when Microsoft released its browser Internet Explorer 4, some employees went over to Netscape HQ and placed a huge IE logo in their water fountain.
  • Windows XP was officially released back in 2001. Microsoft ended their support for XP in April 2014, but still roughly 30% of all PC’s still using Windows XP. (Source: The Fact Site)

Unbelievable Microsoft Facts:

  • Investing in Microsoft Stock in the 1980s Was a Good Investment.
  • Bill Gates Appeared in His Company’s Motivational Videos
  • Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Once Worked Together
  • Microsoft Helped Apple to Avoid Bankruptcy
  • Microsoft Has Dabbled in Lots of Technologies
  • Microsoft Are the Creators and Owners of the Xbox Games Console
  • Microsoft Has 35 Cafeterias
  • Employees Are Called Softies
  • The Microsoft Corporate Campus is Full of Rabbits
  • The Windows XP Background is Probably the Most Viewed Photo in History
  • The Marketing Campaign for Windows 95 Cost Over $300 Million
  • Microsoft didn’t go public until 11 years after its founding.
  • Microsoft believes artwork helps reduce stress in the workplace and increases employees’ productivity. More than 5,000 pieces of contemporary art can be found on the company’s 150 campuses.
  • When Gates was a Harvard freshman, his resume requested a starting salary of just $15,000. The next year he quit school to co-found Microsoft. 34. Microsoft Office was launched for the Macintosh in 1989 before it was released for Windows.
  • Microsoft sued high-schooler Mike Rowe for rights to the domain mikerowesoft.com on grounds of copyright infringements. The firm offered Rowe $10 to reimburse the cost of registering the domain, but Rowe stuck to his guns and ended up getting an all-expense trip to Washington, Microsoft certification training and a new X-box.
  • Microsoft Beat Apple to the Smartphone (Source: Money INC)

Amazing Microsoft Facts:

  • MS Office First Debuted on Macintosh, Not Windows
  • Try Creating a Folder Named CON in Windows – You Can’t
  • Bill Gates Earned his First Billion When He Was 31
  • Microsoft Invented Tablet Computer, not Apple
  • The First Smartwatch Was Also Made by Microsoft
  • The Company was founded in New Mexico, not Washington
  • Gates and Allen Already Co-Founded a Business Before They Founded Microsoft
  • Microsoft doesn’t sell software, it sells software licenses
  • Want to Learn all About MS Word? Type “=rand(200,99)” Into a Word Document and Hit Enter
  • The First Hardware Produced by Microsoft Was a Mouse Back in 1983
  • MS Excel Was the First Hugely Popular App Made by the Company
  • Windows 1.0, the First Version of Windows, Debuted in 1985
  • Windows XP is installed on More than 40 percent of Desktop PCs in Armenia as of August 2019
  • PC-DOS was Microsoft’s First Big Product
  • A $1,000 Investment in MS Shares Back in 1986 Would Be Worth More Than $1.6 Million Today
  • Windows 10 is Probably the Last Version of Windows (Source: Tech 25s)

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