80+ Unbelievable Ali Express Facts In 2020

Ali Express Facts

Here Are The List Of 80+ Unbelievable Ali Express Facts In 2020:

General Facts About The Ali Express:

  • Monthly visits to AliExpress: 200 million
  • Number of packages AliExpress shipped daily in Russia in 2013: 60,000 packages
  • Number of AliExpress annual active customers: 79 million
  • Monthly visits to AliExpress: 200 million
  • Number of regions AliExpress is available in 230 different countries and regions
  • Number of AliExpress users in Brazil: 12 million users
  • Number of languages AliExpress is available in 18
  • Number of AliExpress monthly users in Russia: 15.9 million users
  • Number of products available on AliExpress: 100 million products
  • Number of countries and regions that participated in the AliExpress 11 11 2019 event: 200
  • Number of downloads of the AliExpress app to date: 600 million
  • How many people use AliExpress? 150 million users (Source: Expanded Ramblings)
  • Amazon had over 750,000 employees in 2019.
  • AliExpress.com is the 32nd most popular site.
  • Alibaba will take 69% of the 2020 online retail profits.
  • Alibaba employed farmers as sellers. (Source: Tech Jury)

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Interesting Ali Express Facts

  • The Chinese can be really good business partners
  • Chinese manufacturers produce high-quality items
  • The technical part is not scary
  • Legal registration is not a must
  • 3000% markup is real with AliExpress dropshipping
  • People don’t mind a long delivery time
  • You can manage this business without any experience
  • Dropshippers can easily find a supplier on AliExpress
  • You can sell your business easily (Source: Medium)
  • Jack Ma founded AliExpress with a capital of $60,000. (Source: Tech Jury)

Business Ali Express Facts:

  • AliExpress has over 60 million active buyers.
  • Alibaba Group earned $38.4 billion in one day.
  • AliExpress’s revenue almost doubled for a year.
  • Alibaba owns a 58.2% share of all retail e-commerce sales in China.
  • Over 150 million people made purchases from AliExpress.
  • 16% of all cross-border digital buyers use AliExpress.
  • There are over 732 million visits on AliExpress a month.
  • As of Q3, 2019, AliExpress had 785 million active users. 
  • More than 60 million buyers regularly shop on AliExpress.
  • As of May 2019, Alibaba holds a 56% share of all retail e-commerce in China.
  • AliExpress had over 150 million cross-border buyers in 2018.
  • Almost 25% of AliExpress visitors come from Russia.
  • 16% of all cross-border digital buyers use AliExpress.
  • AliExpress more than doubled its revenue in 2017-2019.
  • The AliExpress App attracted 104% new users.
  • AliExpress offers free shipping for over 75% of its products.
  • The Alibaba group’s revenue for 2019 was $55 billion.
  • Alibaba owns an 8.4% market share of global retail e-commerce.
  • The Alibaba Group shipped 12 million packages a day in 2017.
  • The Alibaba group made $38.4 billion on Singles’ Day in 2019. (Source: Tech Jury)

Facts about AliExpress Scam:

  • An express wholesale channel of Alibaba.com, which was founded in 1999;
  • Officially went live in April 2010;
  • Mainly serving small businesses, including Chinese small suppliers and global small re-sellers.
  • Accepting PayPal, credit card, MasterCard and bank transfer (TT payment);
  • Offering Escrow service to protect payment from buyers. AliExpress will only release funds to the supplier after the buyer confirms the satisfactory delivery of your order. If the buyer is unhappy about the item or purchase, he or she can submit a refund request to AliExpress to ask for a refund or a solution
  • All orders placed on AliExpress will be processed quickly, mostly within 1 week.
  • Small quantity orders are extensively accepted while for some items, minimum order quantity starts from 1 piece only
  • AliExpress adopts a set of strict policies to verify each supplier before they are accepted as registered members and start to list their items there. In Chinese foreign trade communities, many suppliers complain that they can’t pass the censor by AliExpress and thus are not able to successfully register with the website. But as the number of suppliers there is huge, some may willfully escape the verification by difficult-to-spot means. Before you trade with any seller, do remember to check every detail of the supplier, including feedback score, membership tier, item specifications, etc. Besides, in case any problem occurs, make sure to save a record of all communication with the supplier, which will be used as powerful evidence in the event that a dispute between you arises
  • Once you open a dispute against a supplier, AliExpress staff will take care of the mediation work. However, the whole process may need some time as the platform needs to collect enough evidence to make an impartial ruling. So if you happen to encounter such an unpleasant experience, you’d better be patient enough before AliExpress helps you solve the problem. (Source: Dan Views)



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