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20+ Super Amazing Aston Martin Facts

Aston Martin Facts:

5 Super Amazing Aston Martin Facts

  1. Aston Martins tend to be a luxury car choice for many famous people. Well-known members of the Aston club include football legend David Beckham, director Steven Spielberg, and actress Halle Berry (who just so happened to star in a Bond movie, too!). (Source: Fact City)
  2. The Aston Martin logo is an interesting one. Its wings may be subject to scrutiny – some may assume the logo is based on a bird – but it’s actually modeled after a scarab beetle. This ties in with Egyptian legend, which was hugely popular during the 1930s. Specifically, the scarab beetle ties in with Ra, God of the Sun. (Source: Fact City)
  3. While Aston Martin had some motor racing success, they never ‘broke’ Formula One. Their cars were – bizarrely – not good enough for regular grand prix meetings! (Source: Fact City)
  4. Aston Martin’s parent owner has changed multiple times over the years. The Aston Martin you may know from the 1960s, for example, isn’t the same that you know today. Currently, it’s run by David Richards – but it was once under the control of Ford for a time, as well as its founders, Martin and Bamford. The brand has been a part of the international motoring landscape since the early 1910s. (Source: Fact City)
  5. Many Bond fans will know the Aston Martin DB5 to be 007’s iconic, luxury ride. It’s this car that made its first appearance in the classic movie Goldfinger back in 1964. However, the actual car used for the movie went missing in 1997 – it was worth $250,000 at auction in the mid-80s, and it hasn’t been seen for more than 20 years following a theft. Whoever stole the classic car has made away with it for more than two decades. (Source: Fact City)
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10 Aston Martin Fun Facts

  1. Aston Martin was founded by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford in the year 1913. The company headquarters are situated in Gaydon, Warwickshire. (Source: 10 Facts About)
  2. The Ford Motor Company owned Aston Martin between the years 1994 and 2007, Ford has retained some share in the company even today. (Source: 10 Facts About)
  3. The Prince of Wales awarded a Royal Warrant of Appointment to Aston Martin in the year 1982 and the company is in possession of the same even today.(Source: 10 Facts About)
  4. Aston Martin has been James Bonds vehicle of choice in the movies Goldfinger and Thunderball, specifically the Aston Martin DB5. (Source: 10 Facts About)
  5. Investindustrial, a private equity fund from Italy bought 37.5% shares from the company in the year 2012 after much speculation in the international market. (Source: 10 Facts About)
  6. Aston Martins’s first post-war whole race car was the Aston Martin DB3, used between the years 1950 and 1953. (Source: 10 Facts About)
  7. The Aston Martin One-77 is one of the fastest cars under this brand with a top speed reaching a magnificent 220.007 MPH. (Source: 10 Facts About)
  8. Aston Martin initially created many world records while producing cars for the French Grand Prix during the inter-war years. (Source: 10 Facts About)
  9. The name for the company came from one of the founders Lionel Martin who used to race at Aston Hill. (Source: 10 Facts About)
  10. The first Aston Martin car was produced in the year 1915 but production halted because of the outbreak of the First World War. (Source: 10 Facts About)

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Aston Martin Facts
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10 Top Secret Aston Martin Facts

  1. Well, the U.S.-spec price would have been $237,007 before the destination, but it’s sold out. Better luck with the next Bond-themed Aston Martin. (Source: Fashioni Blog)
  2. Some potential Aston Martin customers might cross-shop a Bentley or another high-end car, but the automaker reminded us that the cross-shopping extends well beyond cars— these buyers could be also considering the purchase of art, a watch, property, or something else. (Source: Fashioni Blog)

  3. The famous rollover stunt featured in Casino Royale used an air pressure gun installed under the floor, as the car was simply too heavy to perform the stunt with a ramp alone.(Source: Fashioni Blog)
  4. Many companies have changed their logos over the years, and Aston Martin is no exception. (Source: Fashioni Blog)
  5. Lionel Martin was one of the founders, who used to race at Aston Hill. Makes sense. (Source: Fashioni Blog)
  6. This was the first time a car had been airlifted onto a helipad which was situated 1,000 ft above the ground, on top of a sail-shaped building (Source: Fashioni Blog)
  7. It was titled the Coal Scuttle, which is obviously an immensely catchy model name. It was changed to the A3. (Source: Fashioni Blog)
  8. The wings that are pictured within the badge itself are influenced by the open wings of a scarab beetle. Who knew? (Source: Fashioni Blog)
  9. It takes just 3.7 seconds to go from 0-60mph. And it looks this good. (Source: Fashioni Blog)
  10. The silver birch Aston Martin DB5 in the film had some added gadgetry, which obviously influenced this price. It was originally sold for £5,000 in 1970. (Source: Fashioni Blog)
Aston Martin Facts
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