Best Phones Under 12000 in India With Users Review

Best Phones Under 12000 In India: Here is another list of best phones under 12000 in India with users review, whether your looking for best mobile phones in 2020 under 12,000? Cool! In this content today we are going to talk about the best phones under 12000 in India with users reviews and expert rating. So you do not need confusions, we have selected the best mobile phones.

We collect 20 best phones under 12000 for Indian, this is list we analysis number of reviews, rating, experts opinion, and mobile test. The mobile phones which is listed in this list “Best Phones Under 12000 in India” has selected all the mobile above us with 4 to 4.5 star rating out of 5. So there is no need for compression, here we have also posted user reviews like, What do the users of mobile say after using mobile phones.

Here Are the List Of Best Phones Under 12000 In India


1. LG Q6 @ Rs/- 10,999

Users Review: The phone looks and feels great and all the features as mentioned in the description appear to be good when you read it, but sadly, I haven’t enjoyed this phone at all.

The pictures aren’t good cause the Aperture is too high. Forget about pictures in low light, FYI.
Even the selfies are grainy and there’s literally no stability at all.

Well. Gaming. That’s a Big NO. If you play high fps games then this phone isn’t for you. It heats up in just two games of War Robots.

Multitasking on this phone is great though. Easy to use, quite snappy and no delay in response at all.

Unless, you like clicking pictures or gaming, this phone isn’t for you.

I’m writing this review after a use of almost 8 months. So, its all true and legit.

For this price though, you should really check out the Redmi range of smartphones. (Best Phones Under 12000 In India)

Vivo Y91i

2. Vivo Y91i @ Rs/- 7,990


Users Review:
man i am in love this phone usally i used to lava and other phones which are cheap and i used to feel y the battery is draining so much but seriosuly this phone has suprised me and i am in love with touchpad i coudlnt find a problem till now

3. OPPO A1K @ Rs/- 7,990


4. Redmi 8A Dual @ Rs/- 7,499


Users Review: I bought this for an older relative who needed a basic smartphone. Given its price point I didn’t have much expectations for the Redmi 8A but after unboxing and setting it up I have to admit – it looks and behaves like a premium phone (Best Phones Under 12000 In India) !

In almost every aspect 8A has been upgraded over the 7A. While it doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, the camera is much better than I expected. There is a bit of lag in opening and switching between multiple applications but it shouldn’t be a big deal for people with basic usage patterns. To facilitate better grip, 8A has a non-glassy back that is textured. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the phone given its pricepoint. For its target demographic (light users who might just want to take some pics, use social media and the occasional app) this is a great phone.

The only drawback I felt is that Xiaomi has been aggressive in bundling custom apps in the phone that deliver lots of ads and sponsored videos by default (and it requires some know-how to disable them).

Vivo U10

5. Vivo U10 @ Rs/- 10,990


Users Review: I was looking for a budget smart phone which can perform the entire task for me. I was using MI note 6 and looking for something fresh bcz I was bored with it’s UI. I explored the content available over internet and waited for it to buy after getting the right fitment against my requirement. I am so excited to share my personal experience after my early purchase of this device. I love taking pictures of mine and surrounding too. So great camera quality is one of my main priority, after using it now I must say that it has the best phones under 12000 in India and camera available in this budget. 
It’s plastic made but mirror finish back panel is the coolest thing in my blue colour device. I also appreciate the makers for understanding our further need and offering the tempered glass and transparent back cover for device protection. Once you will keep the device handy it will give you a feel of it. With the brand tag line of Vivo “Camera & Music” it really impressed me.
I’ll surely recommend my fellow buyers to buy this cool device. But there is also something which can be improved so writing it in bullet points for your ease..
● It’s really a 100% value for money device.
● Run on latest version of Android “9”.
● In Box soft back cover and tempered glass.
● Dedicated kid mode for safety against unwanted operational activity of kids
● Finger print sensor in back of the device is at perfectly placed in the reach of fingers and open the device faster.
● 5000Ah battery, allows to watch many hours online video
● HD+ screen Resolution and balanced colour contrast makes the viewing experience really pleasure and never hurt eyes
● Triple camera with AI and image editing options are among the best features for me
● Fast charging support with 18 watt inbox adaptor
● Snapdragon 665 processor is really a power pack performer even in multitasking
● Lags in PubG (However in a device with 4 GB it’s expected as the game itself take 2 GB space)
● No headphones included
● Front Camera struggles in low light.

At the price of 10990 its a great phone for better multitasking. Vivo has finally started improving specs and is doing good with their phones in the segment.
I hope my review helped you in making your right decision!

6. OPPO A71 @ Rs/- 7,499



7. OPPO A5 @ Rs/- 12,490


Redmi 8A

8. Redmi 8A @ Rs/- 9,499


Redmi Note 8

9. Redmi Note 8 @ Rs/- 11,999

Users Review: Loving the phone….Purchased with bank discount,6gb 64gb blue variant…i must say,it looks super awesome….

having gorilla glass protection in front and back,it makes it even better….

Camera is really cool,getting some decent clicks,just install google camera and the quality is much much better

Battery backup is quite good as well,just turn off dual 4g,dont use volte if not necessary,turn of auto start for apps which u feel are not required,keep miui battery saver turned on for better backup,keep gps off when not needed,just do small adjustments and battery will surely last longer

Performance is also great considering the chipset you are getting,infact u also get 4g+ which is not even there on redmi note 7 pro and would never come also….so internet speed,call quality,signal strength…everything is impressive

I must say,in this price range,this phone totally deserves praises from all….i hope i tried to cover all points and helped people to look for this phone as a good option for them…All the best and Best Phones Under 12000 In India

HTC Desire 526G Plus

10. HTC Desire 526G Plus

Users Review: There is no heating problem at all… You can do any heavy tasks and run even 1 GB games without lags.. Android version is not upgradable which is sad.. Back camera is even better than lumia camera and front camera is fine but during daylight.. I bought this on ₹ 7,300, if it costs you more than 7,500 don’t buy it.. Look for other phone..
Vivo Y51

11. Vivo Y51 @ Rs/- 9,909


Vivo Y91i

12. Vivo Y91i @ Rs/- 7,990


Users Review:
man i am in love this phone usally i used to lava and other phones which are cheap and i used to feel y the battery is draining so much but seriosuly this phone has suprised me and i am in love with touchpad i coudlnt find a problem till now
Vivo Y53

13. Vivo Y53 @ Rs/- 9,990


Micromax Canvas 6 Pro

14. Micromax Canvas 6 Pro @ Rs/- 9,990


15. TECNO Spark 5 @ Rs/- 9,399



16. OPPO A5S @ Rs/- 8,990

Vivo Y31L

17. Vivo Y31L @ Rs/- 10,290


Vivo Y81

18. Vivo Y81 @ Rs/- 9,800


Users Review: I bought this through exchange offer. So gave off my lenovo k6 and chose this in exchange.
Let me frank, I am so happy with the value amazon gave for my old phone and the price at which I got my brand new vivo y81.Damn sure, no shop could have given a better deal.
Can you believe,by seeing the deal which I received, my spouse(who always stay miles away from online shopping) was also planning to get his I phone 6 exchanged through amazon!!!
Now about vivo y81…very good phone, sound quality is also nice.
The whole look of phone is fabulous.
The back portion is glossy and gives a stylish look.
Easy to handle as well.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core

19. Samsung Galaxy J2 Core @ Rs/- 7,490

20. Vivo Y53i @ Rs/- 7,499


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