Coronavirus Facts

30+ Coronavirus Facts You Didn’t Know About

Coronavirus Facts!

15+ Coronavirus Facts:

  1. Various Colleges have been shut down in the USA, Italy, China, India, and other parts of the world. (Source: Trendzy Facts)
  2. The economy of five large tech giants Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft saw a huge fall of nearly $420 billion. (Source: Trendzy Facts)
  3. All the international sports including cricket are either stopped or played behind closed doors completely.  (Source: Trendzy Facts)
  4. The share market of all countries has been collapsed. (Source: Trendzy Facts)
  5. According to WHO, coronaviruses are zoonotic in nature i.e. they can be transmitted between animals and peoples. (Source: Trendzy Facts)
  6. People nowadays used to say that if a person can hold its breath for 10 seconds then he is healthy. (Source: Trendzy Facts)
  7. According to researchers and doctors holding the breath for 10 seconds will only help in identifying the persons having some lung disease. It will not help in identifying if a person is infected and have mild symptoms. (Source: Trendzy Facts)
  8. According to the current research going on, there is no evidence that the virus will not survive in hot weather conditions. Instead, the coronavirus is already spreading at a fast rate in hotter countries like Singapore and Australia. (Source: Trendzy Facts)
  9. Although, we all know that garlic has got some antimicrobial properties which can help you in some disease, but currently, there is no evidence that it can protect you from new coronavirus. (Source: Trendzy Facts)
  10. Coronavirus can only infect older people (Source: Trendzy Facts)
  11. Garlic can help you from preventing Coronavirus (Source: Trendzy Facts)
  12. People of all age groups can be infected by a coronavirus, but older people or people having some bad health conditions beforehand are more vulnerable to the new coronavirus. (Source: Trendzy Facts)
  13. Drinking or spraying Alcohol prevents coronavirus (Source: Trendzy Facts)
  14. WHO recommends that drinking or spraying alcohol will not be able to kill viruses that have already entered in your body. It can be harmful to your eyes, nose, etc. (Source: Trendzy Facts)
  15. Coronavirus will die in hot weather conditions (Source: Trendzy Facts)
  16. Companies are requesting their employees to work from home. Thus, once again work from home culture is being tested by the breakout of this pandemic. (Source: Trendzy Facts)

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