Dominos Pizza Facts

45 Delicious Dominos Pizza Facts That You Must Know

Dominos Pizza Facts:

15 Tasty Dominos Pizza Facts

  1. Do you know why there are three dots on Domino’s logo? Or that you can get a pizza delivered by boat, drone or straight to you on the bus? Read on to find out interesting facts you never knew about your favorite pizza joint. (Source: Love Money)
  2. There wasn’t a word for a pepperoni in the Japanese language when the first store was opened in 1985. Now pepperoni is one of the most embraced toppings in Japan. (Source: Love Money)
  3. Quito in Ecuador is the highest elevated city where pizzas are delivered. It is home to one million people located 8,000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains. (Source: Love Money)
  4. In the Virgin Islands, there are no street names so Domino’s drivers have to use landmarks for directions. (Source: Love Money)
  5. In the Netherlands, delivery scooters aren’t allowed on the roads and instead, drivers use designated bike routes which are often quicker to travel. (Source: Love Money)
  6. In February 2015 cockroaches and rodent droppings were found in the kitchens of some Domino’s store in Peru, which caused the company to shut there for more than a year. (Source: Love Money)
  7. In June 2016, Domino’s in the UK started delivering to bus stops on the Catch 22 route from Mereside to Cleveley in Blackpool. The campaign launched off the back of delivery to a hungry passenger onboard a train. (Source: Love Money)
  8. The chain was originally called “Dominick’s”, after the founder Tom Monaghan and his brother purchased the already existing pizza shop in 1960 in Ypsilanti, Michigan. (Source: Love Money)
  9. Domino’s sponsor’s TV show The Simpsons. The longest-running deal has been a huge success for both brands. (Source: Love Money)
  10. In its first 16 days of opening, the first Jamaican Domino’s store sold 6,000 pizzas with the favorite topping being pineapple. (Source: Love Money)
  11. Domino’s employees in Saudi Arabia work around four prayer breaks each day. Prayers last from 12 to 45 minutes. All businesses close during prayer time. (Source: Love Money)
  12. Franchisees in Aruba originally bought motorcycles for Domino’s delivery drivers but were forced to switch to small trucks due to strong winds. (Source: Love Money)
  13. The first female franchisee outside of the USA was Suyapa Amaya who opened a store in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in 1987. (Source: Love Money)
  14. Domino’s is the second-largest pizza chain in the United States and the largest worldwide with more than 260,000 employees globally. (Source: Love Money)
  15. Brothers Tom and James Monaghan founded the first store in 1960 in the USA and called it Dominick’s before Tom bought James’ share and changed the name to Domino’s. (Source: Love Money)

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Tasty Dominos Pizza Facts

15 Interesting Dominos Pizza Facts

  1. After Domino’s admitted their pizza tasted bad in 2010 and reinvented their pizza, the company’s stocks have outperformed every large tech company in the past decade. – Source
  2. Domino’s sold as many pizzas during OJ Simpson’s car chase as it did on Superbowl Sunday. – Source
  3. In 1961, James Monaghan co-founder of Domino’s traded his 50% stake in the company to his brother Tom for a used Volkswagen, Tom went on to sell his 97% for 1 billion. – Source
  4. In the ’80s and ’90s, Domino’s guarantee of delivery within 30 minutes led to so many fatal cars crashes their employee death rate was compared to miners and construction workers. – Source
  5. In 2011, two Domino’s Store Managers were charged with arson after burning down a nearby Papa John’s in Southern Florida. – Source
  6. Domino’s headquarters is in Ann Arbor. – Source

  7. Domino’s tried to introduce the word ‘Puff’ as a synonym for ‘cool’ but it didn’t work. – Source
  8. Domino’s Pizza changed their name to Domino’s because they’re “more than just a pizza place”. – Source
  9. In 2014, Domino’s introduced a pizza with “Spicy Banana” toppings exclusively for South Indian customers in a bid to localize their franchise. – Source
  10. Domino’s developed the first cardboard pizza box in the 1960’s but never patented it. – Source
  11. Domino’s Japan created an app that enabled Hatsune Miku to dance on your pizza box using augmented reality. The collaboration also included limited edition Miku pizza boxes, which sold out across Japan within six days. – Source
  12. Domino’s is actually a market leader in Australia. – Source
  13. Domino’s was responsible for the viral video “Spoiled Rich Girl” in an attempt to market their “Anything goes deal” in 2007. – Source
  14. In 1965, Monaghan had opened three pizzerias and the name was changed to “Domino’s Pizza”, as the original owner said Dominick’s wasn’t allowed to be used anymore for the expanding business.
  15. Domino’s has around 17,000 stores across 90 countries, with around 100,000 delivery drivers and a total of more than 350,000 employees.

Interesting Facts About Domino’s

15 Unexpected Dominos Pizza Facts

  1. On Super Bowl Sundays, around 40% more pizzas are sold than a normal Sunday.
  2. Most of the items (nearly 85%) at Domino’s Pizza are new ones. That is the items, which has been added to the menu since 2008. (Source: OH Facts)
  3. The first item other than Pizza that had been served at Domino’s was breadsticks. (Source: OH Facts)
  4. The drivers of Domino’s Pizza deliver the most on Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, you have guessed correctly! That’s the day the orders come in highest number!(Source: OH Facts)
  5. In Korea, Domino’s offer a “potato pizza”, which is a pizza with potatoes, mushrooms, bacon, corn, and onions and it is a top seller. (Source: OH Facts)
  6. Domino’s stands in top 5; regarding online transactions. It competes with Amazon and Apple often. Well, food is more important than any other product, isn’t it? (Source: OH Facts)
  7. Every country has a different favorite topping, squid is the most popular topping in Japan, and France’s favorite is fresh cream.
  8. The main attitude of the founder of Domino’s was to keep the menu simple. It has been proved very fruitful in the history of Domino’s. (Source: OH Facts)
  9. The busiest day of the year for Domino’s is New Year’s Eve, with New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Eve, Halloween and Super Bowl Sundays being the other busiest days.
  10. In 2013 the first vegan domino’s pizza was created in Israel using soy-based cheese for the gooey topping.
  11. There was a day on which not even one order came to Domino’s!! It was the day when OJ Simpson was given a verdict! (Source: OH Facts)
  12. The founder of Domino’s was brought up in an orphanage! He always was a troubled kid! (Source: OH Facts)
  13. The 30 minutes delivery system was canceled by Domino’s because the pressure of fast delivery caused many accidents. (Source: OH Facts)
  14. In 1992 Domino’s offered its first national non-pizza item; breadsticks. (Source: OH Facts)
  15. In March 2009 a glitch in code meant that around 11,000 pizzas were given out for free to customers in Ohio and Kentucky.

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