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25 Best GitHub Facts That You Should Know

Here Are The List Of 25 Best GitHub Facts That You Should Know:

Interesting GitHub Facts:

  • 20. Initially, GitHub was a flat organization with no intermediate managers. Employees could choose to work on their favorite projects, but salaries were decided by the chief executive. In 2014, GitHub introduced a layer of middle management, and now they have over 700 employees from all over the world.
  • Github was blocked in many countries for a short amount of time. On 3rd December 2014, the site was blocked in Russia for few days because a user posted suicide manuals. On 31st December 2014, it was blocked for 10 days in India due to pro-ISIS content posted by users. GitHub was also affected by a DDOS attack (targeting user content) on 26th March 2015, which lasted for around 5 days.
  • Sometimes emojis worth a thousand words. The “thumbs up” emoji has been used on Github more than 7.2 million times.
  • 17. In 2016, GitHub was ranked 14th on the Forbes Cloud 100 list, which represents the hottest private tech companies in cloud computing. In 2017, the position slipped down to 28th.
  • 16. In the first round of funding (July 2012) GitHub raised $100 million. 3 years later, in the second round, it raised $250 million. The round led by Sequoia Capital valued the company at $2 billion.
  • 15. Since Mid 2016, GitHub has been asking about the user’s programming experience in the signup section. They’ve found nearly 48% are students, 28% are professional developers, 22% are hobbyists, and the rest 3% described themselves as others.
  • Around 22% of the GitHub Enterprise builds software and internet services, 13% develops financial services, and 10% of developers are engaged in business services.
  • 14. 52% of Fortune 50 companies (largest companies by revenue in the US) and 45% of Fortune 100 use Github Enterprise to develop software. In fact, around 75% of GitHub Enterprise accounts are registered from the US. (Source: Rank Red)

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Unexpected GitHub Facts:

  • Over half a million students are learning and 5,300 teachers are teaching on GitHub. University of California, Berkeley has the most number of GitHub accounts (about 8,500) followed by Stanford University (4,000). More than 4,500 students and teachers are working on GitHub Classroom. In 2017, GitHub Classroom signups increased around 100% and spread across 272,000 repositories.
  • The GitHub Developers Program has around 26,000 members. The number is growing at an impressive rate – 50% more members joined (in 2017) than the previous year.
  • Over 62,000 pull requests were reviewed and 1.4 million people commented on someone else’s issues in the year 2017 alone.
  • Before launching Github, the founded originally incorporated Logical Awesome LLC. Later, GitHub took off in a serious way and they made the decision to change it from an LLC to a C-Corp.
  • . The GitHub is written in Ruby on Rails and Erlang programming language by its cofounders.
  • As of March 2017, GitHub has over 26 million users working across 67 million repositories, making it the world’s biggest host of source code.
  • The mascot of GitHub is a female cat with 5 octopus-like arms. It was created by freelance graphic designer Simon Oxley (who also designed Twitter’s bird) to sell on iStock. GitHub became interested in his work named Octopuss. They bought exclusive rights and renamed it to Octocat. Since then, several users have designed hundreds of variations of the character.
  • Github is making around $200 million in Annual Recurring Revenue. About half of it comes from business.
  • Github users have merged more than 100 million pull requests, and over 69 million issues were closed as of 2017.
  • Millions of open source projects on GitHub are written in 337 programming languages, of which JavaScript is most popular. There are over 2.3 open source projects written in JavaScript and 1 million in Python. (Source: Rank Red)

General GitHub Facts:

  • A number of repositories hosted on GitHub: 100 million.
  • The total number of Github users: 40 million users.
  • The average number of visitors to GitHub: 32 million monthly visitors
  • Percentage of GitHub visitors from Europe: 36%.
  • Number of countries Github has users in: 200
  • Number of projects on GitHub that users collaborate on: 49 million projects
  • Percentage of GitHub users that are outside the US: 70%
  • The number of projects that have been started on GitHub projects: 100,000.
  • The number of active users for GitHub’s Atom text editor: 1 billion MAU.
  • The reported value of GitHub: $2 billion.
  • The amount that Microsoft purchased GitHub for: $7.5 billion. (Source: Expanded Ramblings)

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