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Don’t Miss To Read These 30+ Gmail Facts In 2020

Here Are The List Of 30+ Gmail Facts In 2020:

Interesting Gmail Facts:

  • Sundar Pichai thought Gmail was a joke.
  • 1GB storage space seemed implausible in 2004
  • Also, only a few people worked on Gmail.
  • Gmail has over 1.5 billion users today.
  • Gmail has evolved in ways more than imaginable.
  • Gmail or Google Mail was launched  on April 1 in 2004 by Paul Buchheit
  • It started as an invitation-only beta release
  • Gmail became available to the public from February 7, 2007.
  • Gmail was a result of Google’s ’20-percent Time’ concept where employees were asked to get involved in personal projects to build a better and friendlier communicative platform. Gmail introduced the web development technique named, Ajax. This is the secret behind its user-friendly interface.
  • Gmail became the first mobile app on Google Play store to hit 1 billion installations on Android devices..
  • The email service provider came with 1 GB cloud storage, which has now increased to 15 GB. Moreover, it also introduced window chat and advanced search platforms. (Source: India Today)

Amazing Gmail Facts:

  • If you get a lot of important emails that require attention as soon as possible, you might need to start using the platform’s notification feature. Turn on chat or mail notifications in your settings under “Desktop Notifications”, and every time you receive an email labeled as important it will pop up on your screen no matter what you are doing!
  • Spring cleaning is approaching soon, and you shouldn’t neglect your electronic life. It can be tedious going page-by-page to delete only 25 or 50 emails at a time, so Gmail allows you to delete every email in your inbox, if desired. Just click on the little part of the page that tells you how many emails you see per page, and an option to “show more messages” will appear. Click that and select “All”, and delete as normal in one easy click.
  • We have all had the gut-sinking feeling of terror after sending an email that simply wasn’t what you had wanted to say. It is commonly believed that these emails are gone forever once sent, but there is actually a way to reel them back in. Simply go into the Labs tab in your settings, and find the “Undo Send” one. Choose “Enable”, and you’ll have a few extra moments to get those emails back!
  • If you are a busy emailer, the “star” option has become your best friend. Although, did you know there is more than one star? Stars come in six different colors, and even an array of other symbols, to help you sort your mail. You can use whichever is your favorite for all of your starred emails, or you can create separate folders for each symbol to further organize your emails. Don’t forget to check back soon for our part two article, revealing the top eight best things you didn’t know about Gmail of them all!
  • As one of the better features offered in Gmail Labs, you now have the option to “can” your responses. Canned responses simply give you the option to save your response to a certain email for future use. This is quite helpful if you find yourself often typing out the same messages to multiple recipients. As you compose emails, the options bar at the bottom right will now allow you to save or use canned responses.
  • We’ve all faced the struggles of ignored emails and eagerly awaiting particular replies, and now you can put your mind at ease. Though not many people know about this, you could be receiving read receipts to see when your emails have been opened. Many extensions offer services like this, including Bananatag Email Tracking, Sidekick, and Intelliverse Email Tracker. (Source: PP Corn)

Surprising Gmail Facts:

  • If You Accidentally Email Your Ex, You Can Take It Back.
  • Was Originally a Free Service for Garfield Fans.
  • Gmail Almost Didn’t Have a Logo.
  • Easily Eliminate Formatting Headaches.
  • Gmail Was Released on April 1 But Was No Joke.
  • Use the Search Dropdown for Quick Advanced Settings.
  • Gmail Rarely Goes Down.
  • You Don’t Have to Use “Insert Photo” to Add Images.
  • The More Stars the Merrier.
  • Add Unread Message Badges to Your Browser Tab.
  • Your Real Emails Have a Very Slim Chance of Ending Up in Spam. (Source: Ranker)
  • Average number of spam email messages Gmail blocks daily: 100 million.
  • How many people use Gmail: 1.5 billion Gmail users.
  • Gmail’s share or the global email client market: 20%.
  • Percentage of Americans that use Gmail during work hours: 24.29%.
  • Percentage of incoming messages that are classified as Promotions by Gmail: 68.4%.
  • Percentage of Gmail users that open their email on a mobile device: 75%.
  • Number of times that the Gmail app has been downloaded from the Google Play Store: 1 billion.
  • Percentage of the Internet population that Gmail language translation covers: 94%.
  • Most popular mobile devices for Gmail users to open their email on the iPhone.
  • Percentage of non-spam emails sent to Gmail users that have adopted email authentication standards: 91.4%.
  • The number of languages that Gmail supports: 74 languages.
  • Average Monthly Unique Users for the Gmail smartphone app in 2014: 90.7 million users. (Source: Expanded Ramblings)

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Unbelievable Gmail Facts:

  • Gmail was launched in April 2004 as a free email service. The initial storage offered with Gmail was 1 GB per user. It was offered as a limited beta service. The testing phase continued till July 7, 2009, when it was made commercially available to all users.
  • Paul Buchheit was the Lead Developer behind today’s most popular email service Gmail. He also happens to be the 23rd employee at Google. Buchheit started working on the email service project in 2001. He had also worked on the original prototype of Google’s AdSense advertising engine.
  • Google offers 15 GB of free storage with Gmail today, it was limited to 1 GB per user at the time of launch. Google increased it to 2 GB on its first anniversary and 10 GB in 2012. You can send emails of up to 25 MB in size. If users wish to send larger files, there is an option to insert files from Google Drive into the message.
  • Google has integrated various machine learning features in its Gmail service. The all-new smart reply feature allows users to quickly draft and sends responses to emails. Apart from predictive typing and searches, machine learning has also played a key role in blocking spam messages. Earlier this year, Google revealed that it blocked 100 million spam emails using its machine learning algorithm.
  • The initial user interface only had basic elements required to send and receive emails. Gmail has subsequently added several new features in Gmail. The biggest update was pushed in 2011 with a slicker interface. Recently, Google brought AMP to make Gmail more interactive. (Source: Tech Gig)

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