Here Are The 25 Great Medium Facts In 2020

Medium Facts

Here Are The 25 Great Medium Facts In 2020:

Few Unexpected Medium Facts:

  • The alternative blogging site was launched in 2012 by Evan Williams and Biz Stone. You might know them as the founders of Twitter.
  • Unlike Twitter, Medium encourages users to write as long as they want. No 140-character limit here.
  • The site is used by up to 17 million people a month. It has become a forum for essays on tech and design, book chapters – even poetry.
  • Unlike most blogging platforms, Medium is organized by topic rather than the author.
  • Originally invitation-only, Medium is open to anyone with something to say. You can sign in with a Facebook or Twitter account. (Source: USA Today)

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Few Interesting Facts About The Facts:

  • Most popular tag on Medium in 2016: Politics.
  • An average number of stories written weekly on Medium in 2016: 140,000.
  • The number of words written on Medium in 2106: 2 billion.
  • Medium’s reported estimated value: $600 million.
  • Total funding for Medium: $132 million.
  • The number of Medium employees: 85 employees.
  • The total amount of hours Medium users spent reading posts on it in 2016: 31.5 million hours.
  • An average number of hours Medium users spend reading posts on it monthly: 4.5 million hours.
  • The number of Medium posts published in 2015: 1.9 million.
  • The number of Medium posts published in 2016: 7.5 million.
  • Medium’s year-over-year visitor increase (2015-16): 140%.
  • How many people use Medium? 60 million monthly readers.

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