Here Are The List Of Myspace Facts In 2020

Myspace Facts

Here Are The List Of Myspace Facts In 2020:

General Myspace Facts:

  • The amount that Specific Media purchased MySpace for in June 2011: $35 million
  • The amount that NewsCorp purchased MySpace for in July 2005: $580 million
  • Location of MySpace currently: Los Angeles, CA
  • The peak number of MySpace employees: 1,600
  • Number of MySpace Employees currently: 150
  • Percentage of pre-teens in France that use MySpace: 1%
  • Percentage of teens in France that use MySpace: 2%
  • Number of songs uploaded to MySpace daily: 13,000 songs
  • Number of songs in the MySpace library: 53 million songs
  • Number of artists on MySpace: 14.2 million artists
  • Month/Year that MySpace was overtaken by Facebook in worldwide users: April 2008
  • The estimated peak value of MySpace: $12 billion
  • Month/Year of MySpace’s peak: December 2008
  • Number of MySpace users at its peak: 75.9 million
  • Number of monthly video views on MySpace: 300 million
  • Number of MySpace users currently: 50.6 million monthly active users
  • Number of monthly visitors to MySpace from the US: 5.5 million
  • Number of monthly visitors to MySpace: 15 million (Source: Expanded Ramblings)

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Amazing Facts About The Myspace:

  • The site is not populated only by young users; 74% of users are above 18 years. There were around 1 million 18-24 year-olds, 500,000 between 24 and 34, 264,000 between 35 and 49, and 120,000, 50+ users, during June. Andrew also slices these numbers according to life stages: there were 270,000 mothers (and he highlights mothers blogging about being mothers as one particularly interesting group here), 568,000 school students, 284,000 university students, 78,000 silver surfers during the same time. Rush hours for use are between 4 and 8 p.m., Mondays through Fridays, and the consumption of video plays a big part here now. MySpace has actively pursued video providers (commercial as well as public service) to populate the site with attractive content. (Source: Snurb)
  • You’d spend hours writing an About Me which totally summed up your own brand of unique adolescent angst.
  • Bulletins were the long-form Facebook statuses of the mid-00s.
  • If you logged into your account and saw this, you took a screenshot and posted it to your profile.
  • Only for ironic minimalist profiles to suddenly start being fashionable again.
  • You desperately wanted to be on a Myspace whore train.
  • Choosing new profile songs was the hardest decision you’d ever make.
  • Even though as soon as you click on your friend’s profiles the first thing you’ll do is mute their music.
  • The worst thing was if someone you added sent you the message: “Hi, sorry – do I know you?”
  • Who I’d Like to Meet was the best place to shout out to future boyfriends or girlfriends.
  • “Who wants to own my new default picture?”
  • Glitter graphics were the coolest way to keep in touch. (Source: Buzz Feed)

Interesting Myspace Facts:

  • If MySpace were a country,
  • it would be the 8th largest in the world.
  • MySpace has over 40 billion page views monthly.
  • The MySpace website consists of 300 employees.
  • MySpace is available in 15 different languages.
  • MySpace was bought from the parent company of fox broadcasting for $580 million.
  • Google signed a $900 million deal to have its name advertised throughout MySpace. (Source: Wiki iTap)
  • Google paid $900 million to be MySpace’s search provider. MySpace runs on Microsoft .NET Framework, operating under Windows 2003 server and applications written in C# for ASP.NET.
  • By 2006 MySpace surpassed both Google Search and Yahoo as the most visited web page. It was getting about 76 million page views per month. As the months and years passed however Facebook began to take over. That likely left people just SMH in shock TBH.
  • Justin Timberlake bought MySpace in 2012 along with Tim and Chris VanderHook, and they spent a good amount of money. Time, Inc. acquired MySpace in 2016.
  • In 2018, MySpace is still very active. It gets about 13K songs uploaded per day to the platform. MySpace today seems geared towards artists and musicians. It has over 14 Million active accounts and more than 53 million songs uploaded.
  • In 2019 it was revealed that MySpace effectively lost all of the music uploaded to the site prior to 2015. This is just another incidence of hacking and lost business traction for the company. Details are here on this latest fiasco and lost music. (Source: Interesting Facts)

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