50+ Mind Blowing Samsung Facts In Digital Era

samsung facts

Here are the list of 50 Mind Blowing Samsung Facts In Digital Era:

List Of Amazing Samsung Facts:

  • Samsung has been around since 1938. The Samsung Group is made up of 80 different businesses…
  • Samsung’s construction division built the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world.
  • Samsung spent over $4 billion in advertising last year, plus an additional $5 billion in marketing. Its ad budget dwarfs everyone else.
  • Samsung’s net sales for 2011 were $247 billion. Samsung’s electronics division sales were $179 billion. In calendar 2011, Apple did $127.8 billion in sales.
  • Samsung Electronics’ profit last quarter was $8.27 billion, much of it from smartphones. For comparison, Google’s operating profit last quarter was $3.4 billion.
  • Samsung’s chairman went on a three day rant, and it defined the company.
  • Samsung lists 145 products on its web site under the “cell phones” category. (Apple has three phones in two different colors.)
  • Samsung says it paid those employees 14.5 billion won, or $12 billion.
  • Samsung accounts for 17 percent of Korea’s Gross Domestic Product
  • Samsung shipped 215.8 million smartphones last year, which is more than the next three smartphone sellers COMBINED.
  • Samsung Electronics has 370,000 employees worldwide. (Apple has 80,000. Microsoft has 97,106. GE has 305,000.)
  • Samsung’s Heavy Industries builds ships in a 4 million square foot shipyard. (Source: Business Insider)
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Some Interesting Samsung Facts:

  • Samsung employs over 489,000 people.
  • Samsung’s electronic ambitions began in 1970 with a black and white TV
  • Samsung’s best selling smartphone is the Galaxy S4. (Source: Android Authority)
  • Samsung initially sold noodles and other produce, it wasn’t until 1970 that the first electrical product was sold by Samsung; a 12 inch Black & White TV.
  • Lee Kun Hee the chairman of Samsung made staff create a pile of 150,000 phone and fax machines before destroying them in front of the 2000-strong crowd to make a point about the new era of quality driven products.
  • Samsung are always at the forefront of technology. They created the digital TV in 1998, the Watch phone and MP3 phone in 1999, the 3D home theater in 2010 and the world’s first curved smartphone display in 2013.
  • South Korea’s Air force has a lot to thank Samsung for. The Electronics giant actually created their first ever fighter jet the KF-16.
  • In May 2017, Samsung were given permission to carry out trials of a self-driving car in South Korea.
  • In 2012, Samsung invested $10.8 billion in Research and Development which was over 6% of the company’s revenue which is around a ¼ of employees or 60,000 staff.
  • Samsung lost a patent battle to rivals Huawei in 2017 after claims that over 20 devices used technology that Samsung hadn’t granted permission. Worldwide Huawei are 3rd in the smart phone producers with Samsung being 1st.
  • In August 2016, due to battery malfunctions, Samsung recalled 2.5 million Note 7’s.

List Of Unexpected Samsung Facts:

  • Samsung Electronics really began in 1993
  • Samsung Electronics really began Samsung jumped into the smartphone game long before Android and iOS
  • The top selling Samsung mobile phone is the E1100
  • Samsung had a chance to buy the Android OS, but decided not to (Source: Android Authority)
  • All Samsung products since 2013 receive the global standard environmental certifications.
  • In 2016 Samsung shipped 306 million units worldwide that’s an increase of 283.1 million units compared to 2010.
  • At one point following the release of the Samsung S3 sales reached 500 units a minute.
  • Samsung are delving into the world of AI technology for their mobile devices rivalling the likes of Cortana or Siri. Samsung’s S8 was the first device to use the flagship Bixby system.
  • Samsung’s Ship building sector, whose center spans 400 million sq. feet (37.16 sq. km), builds more than 30 large ships per year.
  • Samsung means three stars in Korean, Lee Byung-Chull Samsung founder decided to use the name after his vision for a company as everlasting as the stars. (Source: The Fact Site)
  • Samsung is a Korean name, given to the Company by its founder Lee Byung Chul. The meaning of the name in Korea is Sam (three) and Sung (star,) which together form tri-star. Three in Korean culture represents something that is “big, numerous and powerful,” which the Company has grown to become.
  • In the beginning, Samsung sold dried fish, locally grown groceries and noodles. It was in the 1970s, almost 3 decades after its foundation, Samsung manufactured its first electrical product—a 12 inch black and white TV.
  • Samsung helped the South Korean Air Force by building the Country’s first ever fighter jet, the KF-16.
  • The Company has 7,670 U.S., patents, more patents than any other company worldwide.
  • Samsung, apart from being a part of the technology industry, has its presence in several different industries. Samsung’s construction division built the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
  • In 2016, Samsung partnered with Six Flags, an amusement park corporation, to create the first virtual reality (VR) roller coaster in North America, using Samsung VR equipment.
  • Samsung, in collaboration with Korea University, built a sentry gun, SGR-A1, which helps the South Korean military in the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ.) The equipment is highly sensitive and has an integrated system which includes surveillance and voice recognition. Due to the project being “highly classified,” the exact number of sentry guns deployed in the DMZ is unknown.
  • Samsung’s chairman Lee Kun Hee went on a three day long rant in front of Samsung executives at a German hotel. The Company took his rant and turned it into a management book. (Source: Startup Stories)

General Facts About The Samsung Facts:

  • Samsung’s logo has only changed three times. (Source: Android Authority)
  • Samsung are very focused on creating as much as possible in house, around 90% of Samsung equipment is made in Samsung factories.
  • Six Flags and Samsung teamed up in 2016 to create North America’s first Virtual Reality Rollercoasters which used Samsung VR equipment. Following on from this, the pair have started a new collaboration to create a VR game for rollercoaster riders.
  • 53,400 employees have received over 64 courses through Samsung’s HR Development Center since 1993.
  • Samsung secured more patents that any other company worldwide with 7670 U.S. patents.
  • In Samsung’s Silicon Valley US Headquarters, 34 electrical car charging ports have been installed to persuade staff to move the electrical vehicles and help commuters.
  • In New York Samsung have a building called 837, known as a digital playground it’s dedicated to showing off Samsung kit, from a huge theater display made of ninety-six 55” screens to a VR Tunnel and family focused Playroom using Galaxy View.
  • As of 2013, Samsung had over 460% more employees than Apple with Samsung employing over 370,000 and Apple merely 80,000. (Source: The Fact Site)

Random Facts About The Samsung:

  • In 2014, a man killed his Thai girlfriend in their home with a Samsung Tablet after forbidding her to go on Facebook.
  • Samsung was established in 1938 which is exactly 38 years prior to Apple.
  • Samsung’s business empire stretches across many different areas not just technology. Its construction sector was responsible for constructing the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa.
  • In January 2017, Lee Jae-yong Samsung’s Chief, was questioned as part of South Korea’s largest political corruption scandal according to the BBC over accusations of questionable donations.
  • In February 2017 Samsung managed to secure another world first after their QLED TV managed to be the first TV ever to be capable of reaching 100 percent color volume meaning a truer picture and more defined image. (Source: The Fact Site)
  • Samsung has a military branch. They’re producing jet engines, robots, and howitzers.
  • Samsung makes the Retina Display for Apple.
  • For years Samsung and other major tech companies colluded to exclude proposals from other companies in IEEE Wifi Workgroup. After the group DensiFi was found out, they dissolved it and faced 0 consequence and proceeded to remove the scandal from Wiki.
  • When Samsung gave out Galaxy S7 phones to athletes at the Rio Olympics, the North Korean team’s phones were confiscated by the North Korean government.
  • In 1995, Samsung CEO Kun-hee Lee was so disgusted by the low quality of the company’s phones and other electronics that he ordered a bonfire built and burned it all, around $50 million worth, in front of 2000 employees, many of whom cried.
  • In 2003, Samsung made a limited edition phone modeled after the phone in “Matrix Reloaded”.
  • Samsung’s S Voice and Apple’s Siri had an older sibling named Smarterchild that was founded by ActiveBuddy in 2000 and later acquired and decommissioned by Microsoft in 2007. (Source: Kick Ass Facts)

List Of Another Interesting Samsung Facts:

  • A man asked Samsung for a phone in exchange of a drawing he made of a dinosaur. Samsung sent him a phone with the drawing printed on the phone case.
  • Samsung has built a sentry gun which sits in the Demilitarised Zone between North and South Korea, which is hostile to anyone it senses who cannot provide an authorised access code.
  • Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White sued Samsung Electronics in 1993 over its use of a humorous ad featuring a robot turning letters on a game show, alleging a violation of her personality rights. White was ultimately awarded $403,000 in damages.
  • Samsung was originally founded as a 40-employee trading company in 1938. It dealt in groceries produced in and around the city and produced its own noodles.
  • In late 2004, Samsung had the opportunity to buy Android, but passed on the investment because they did not see any potential. Google acquired it two weeks later. (Source: Kick Ass Facts)
  • If there were ever two phone brands we’d say we genuinely care about, it’d have to be Apple and Samsung. I mean, it’s not like we’re forgetting Nokia and all, it’s just that it just started getting its mojo back.
  • Yup, bet you didn’t know that Samsung is so generous as to give away US$10 MILLION per annum to its non-profit medical centre, which runs at a huge staff number of 2,300 nurses and 1,200 doctors.
  • Imagine, Samsung Techwin created a robot that can not only identify a target automatically but also shoot it from a distance of 3.2km! There’s also K9 Thunder, a tank that can project up to 40km away. Don’t play play ah.
  • And they didn’t stop there. Two other super-tall skyscrapers were also built by Samsung’s Construction Division – Taipei 101 and Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers (while they were the primary constructor).
  • And they didn’t stop there. Two other super-tall skyscrapeFeast your eyes on this. The Samsung Digital City sits on a huge 389-acres land, and comes with 3 tall buildings as well as 131 small buildings. At least 35,000 people come to work there every weekday. Crazy ha?
  • It has its very own ship-building centre which is 400,000,000 square feet. Too big a figure to compute? Well, think of a space the size of 5,204 football fields.
  • The huge company was founded by Lee Byung-chul. At that point, he and his family were into selling groceries and noodles. They then ventured off to securities, insurance and retail businesses in the 1950s. The first ever product introduced by Samsung Electronics was a 12-inch Black and White TV in 1970. (Source: Goody Feed)

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