You Must Know These 35+ Skype Facts

skype facts

Here is the list of You Must Know These 35+ Skype Facts:

General Skype Facts:

  • The company Skype was founded by two entrepreneurs — Swede Nicklas Zennstrom (Niklas Zennström) and the Dane Janus Friis (Janus Friis).
  • In October 2005 the company was bought by eBay for approximately $ 2.6 billion. (it was later refunded another $500 million), although annual turnover was less than $100 million.
  • In November 2009 eBay sold a majority stake in Skype transaction, which gave the company the sum of $2.75 billion dollars.
  • In May 2011, Microsoft agreed to purchase Skype Technologies for $8.5 billion.
  • The headquarters of Skype is located in Luxembourg and branches in London, Prague, and Tallinn.
  • The Skype client can be installed on a compatible phone or PDA, this gives significant cost savings due to a low tariff system.
  • Skype produces and sells various products for Skype. For example, cordless phone RTX Dual phone 3088 for calls without a computer.
  • Broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB), 40% of which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, is going to challenge in court the legality of the use of the trademark Skype, as it is consonant with BSkyB and sociological studies show that consumers often perceive them as one brand.
  • Microsoft May 10, 2011, bought Skype for $ 8.5 billion At that time, Skype was put up for sale, the company received offers from Cisco, Google, and Facebook.
  • Skype 170 million active users and past year users said 207 000 000 000 minutes, including video calls.
  • In 2005 Skype was bought by the guys from eBay for $ 2.6 billion, but in 2009 they sold their stake to a consortium of investors for 1.9 billion. (Source: Steemit)

Fun Facts Of Skype:

  • Skype has 560 million total users, 124 million monthly log-ins, and 8.1 million monthly paying users. (All numbers substantially up over 2009.)
  • In the first six months of 2010, Skype users made 95 billion minutes of voice and video calls. Over the same period, the company generated $406.2 million in revenue. Even though not everyone is paying, that still works out to about 2.3 cents per minute averaged over the entire user base.
  • 40 percent of Skype calls were video-to-video.
  • The average paying Skype user spends $96 a year.
  • Skype has to pay credit card companies back when users make fraudulent purchases with stolen credit cards. In 2009, that cost them $5.8 million. (Source: The Atlantic)

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lesser-Known Skype Facts:

  • ‘Sky peer-to-peer” is the original name of skype and it was abbreviated to become “Skyper”. Unfortunately, the name Skyper was already used. That is why skype is the current name by dropping the letter “r”.
  • Niklas Zennstrom from Sweden and Janus Friis from Denmark are the people who found skype in 2003. Then, Estonians Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu, and Jaan Tallinn created the skype software.
  • As we know that many people around the world use social media, including skype. Approximately, 560 million people become skype users in 2009. Whereas in 2010, there are 95 billion people who use voice and video calls in skype.
  • Luxembourg, Germany, and France are the headquarters of skype. Besides, skype also has offices in the United States of America, Europe, Asia, London, Rusia, England, Praha, California, and San Jose.
  • Ordinary host or the skype client and the supernode or SN are the two kinds of machines that are used as a part of the skype network.
  • 3 skype phone is the brand name of a mobile phone which was launched by Skype on October 29, 2007. Besides, skype also provides a skype wifi phone. By using a wireless internet connection, it can be used for making skype calls.
  • As we know that Skype is free communication. It is also easy to use. We can communicate with friends abroad by using the phone number and the country code. It looks like you were in that country. It is amazing!
  • Skype was bought by a company in America, named eBay in October 2005. eBay became the first company that acquires skype technology. Because of that, many people thought that is made in America. However, it is totally wrong. Skype was found by people from Denmark and Sweden and the software was created by Europeans.
  • Skype is very popular. There are many people who use it. However, not everyone likes Skype, especially network administrators. They disagree with skype due to it is not appropriate usage for certain education, home, corporate, and government network.
  • Internet connection is needed to use skype. It is the main important aid to connect skype. Besides Kazaa file-sharing program is a program that is used for designing skype. (Source: 10 Interesting Facts)

Interesting Skype Facts:

  • It Was the First Affordable Way to Communicate Abroad
  • It’s a Division of Microsoft. Most people don’t realize how closely Skype is involved with Microsoft
  • The First American Company to Acquire the Service’s Technology Was eBay
  • The First American Company to As of 2016, More Than 2 Trillion Minutes of Skype Video Calls Have Been Made
  • One-Fourth of Millennials Use the Service (Source: Popcorn)
  • Facebook will integrate Skype video chat with its social networking service, striking a deal to cement Facebook’s role as a communications hub.
  • Facebook will integrate Skype video chat with Microsoft Corp, which has a small stake in Facebook, announced in May that it would acquire Skype for $8.5 billion. The deal received antitrust approval from the Federal Trade Commission in June, clearing the way for the deal to be finalized pending Department of Justice approval.ts social networking service, striking a deal to cement Facebook’s role as a communications hub.
  • Skype previously was controlled by private equity firm Silver Lake, which also counts Groupon and Zynga among its current portfolio companies.
  • Online auction site eBay Inc bought Skype in September 2005. Silver Lake took control of Skype in November 2009. (Source: Reuters)
  • It might seem like Skype is an American company, but it didn’t start out that way. Initially founded by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom in 2003–out of Denmark and Sweden respectfully–the actual software was created by a team of Europeans. In 2005, an agreement was made with a Polish web portal, and it wasn’t until later that year that eBay became the first American company to acquire Skype Technologies (to the tune of $2.5 billion in cold, hard cash plus some eBay stock).
  • Since Skype is a popular global tool, it’s not surprising that there are some countries and industries which have banned it. In fact, there are some network administrators that have nixed the use of Skype for certain education, corporate, home, and government networks due to “inappropriate usage of resources” or using too much bandwidth. Security concerns are also an issue for some network administrators. (Source: INC)

Few Super Amazing Skype Facts:

  • An average of 145 million Skype users connected per month in the fourth quarter of 2010.
  • Skype users made 207 billion minutes worth of calls in 2010. Forty-two percent of those calls used video.
  • Skype and Microsoft already are expanding into markets competitive with Apple Inc. Skype and Microsoft announced a new service in late June that allows Android phone users to make free Skype video calls to other Skype contacts regardless of the mobile device being used — including the Apple iPhone.
  • Skype announced in June a partnership with Comcast to bring Skype video chats to high-definition televisions via a broadband connection.
  • At peak times, 30 million Skype users are logged in to the service. (Source: Reuters)
  • In 2005, Skype had just 2.9 percent of the overall international call market share. The 2014 figures are shaping up to be 40 percent. That’s some serious growing pangs, but proof that the technology works.
  • You can almost use Skype like a regular land-line or smartphone, but not quite. Did you know you can’t call 911 in North America or the equivalent emergency numbers in Europe, Nepal, or India? Beginning in 2012, there was some limited headway in the right direction for a few key countries (none of them the US). According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Skype isn’t an “Interconnected VoIP provider” so it doesn’t have to offer emergency access.
  • On May 10, 2011, Microsoft picked up Skype for $8.5 billion and quickly brought it into the fold. Remember Windows Live Messenger? Microsoft’s goal was to have Skype take over that faltering project and it did so with flying colors. However, there are some places (such as China) where Live Messenger is still the preferred method of communication.
  • Love Microsoft (okay, Windows 8 is a little iffy)? Then you’ll be happy to know the two tech giants have teamed up and Skype is technically considered a “division of Microsoft”. The goal is to provide the best possible experience for users without an increase in cost. It’s nearly impossible to actually compete with a monster like Microsoft, so Skype opted to join them. (Source: INC)

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