55 Unexpected Spotify Facts That You Must Read

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Here is the list of 55 Unexpected Spotify Facts That You Must Read:

12 Amazing Facts of Spotify:

  • A Premium subscriber consumes about 2.4MB per minute on Spotify.
  • Spotify is being tuned by users 148 minutes every day.
  • It has acquired 17 organizations.
  • The top competitors of Spotify are YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, SoundCloud, and Google Play Music.
  • Spotify app gained 20M+ installs for July 2019.
  • The total Spotify app install reported on the Android platform is 500M.
  • Spotify Lite app is available in around 22 countries.
  • 45% of music listeners have migrated from Pandora to Spotify.
  • 52% of users are listening to songs on Spotify from their smartphones. (Source: App Inventiv)
  • As we know that Spotify has over 50 million tracks on their collection. However, there are a large number of tracks that were not even played once in the lifetime. In fact, it is estimated that about 25% of the tracks haven’t been played ever.
  • Spotify shares about 70% of its total revenue the rights-holders. However, this method has faced a lot of criticism from various artists. Some of the most notable ones are Taylor Swift and Thom Yorke.
  • At the moment, it is reported that about 30 thousand tracks are added on the platform each day. (Source: Tech 25s)

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Interesting Spotify Facts:

  • Spotify’s total valuation is $29.5B.
  • The Sweden-based company raised a total amount of $2.8B.
  • 2.1M of users have installed the Spotify Lite app.
  • 55% of users have registered on Spotify via their Facebook accounts.
  • 56% of Spotify users are male.
  • 17% of playlists played on Spotify are personalized.
  • Spotify’s annual revenue generated is €1.51B.
  • Around €1.66B is the Spotify quarterly generated revenue. (Source: App Inventiv)
  • Anyone can create a playlist on Spotify. And, from the statistics, you can see that people are actually into creating new playlists every now and then in Spotify. At the moment of writing this post, there are over 3 billion playlists on Spotify. Incredible, isn’t it?
  • According to the co-founder of Spotify Daniel Ek, the name of their company was not going to be Spotify. Actually, the other co-founder Martin Lorentzon shouted another name for the company.
  • As previously mentioned, Spotify received a lot of criticisms for its payment policy from the artists. However, still, Spotify is actually the media streaming service that has paid the right holders the highest among all the other similar services in the world. For the record, they have paid over 14 billion USD since their launch. (Source: Tech 25s)
  • (9) Spotify has awesome audio. Who’s not into deeper, richer audio quality? If you are, then Spotify’s “high-quality streaming” option may just fit the bill. Tick that, and you’re rocking 320kbps Ogg Vorbis that is noticeably better than average.
  • (8) Spotify lets you upload your own music. This is actually pretty nice (and sort of iTunes Cloud–ish): If you have something that’s not in Spotify’s inventory, you can upload it. That will give you cloud access to it, and let you add it to playlists along with Spotify songs. (Source: Tech Nobuffalo)

Few More Interesting Spotify Facts:

  • Spotify has 232M active users.
  • Spotify has 108M premium subscribers
  • 47.7 of Spotify users are from the USA.
  • 2M Spotify users belong to India.
  • 2M Spotify users belong to India.29% of Spotify users are millennials.
  • There are more than 450 thousand podcast list on Spotify.
  • Around 50M+ tracks and 3B+ playlists are available to users.
  • Spotify generated €4.72B of revenue via premium segment, in comparison to €0.54B via ad-support functionality.
  • Spotify generated €4.72B of revenue via pre74.27 percent of Spotify generated revenue went into royal payments. The mium segment, in comparison to €0.54B via ad-support functionality. (Source: App Inventiv)
  • Spotify actually supports almost all the popular voice assistants. The compatible ones are Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, and Spotify own ‘Spotify Voice’. However, not all of these are active or set by default. (Source: Tech 25s)
  •  Spotify e-Gift cards are available for Premium subscriptions. The service sells Spotify Premium e-gift cards, which is actually very smart. It makes life easier for gift-givers, while also turning them into Spotify evangelists prompting friends to try the service. (Even if you didn’t know what Spotify is, wouldn’t you give it a whirl if someone gave you a few free months?) It’s available in 1, 3, 6, and 12-month subscription increments. (Source: Tech Nobuffalo)

12 Essential Facts About Spotify:

  • It is operating in around 79 countries.
  • A user devotes time to 40 artists weekly.
  • 10% of US adults tune to Spotify many times a week.
  • Over 20,000 songs are added every day on the platform. (Source: App Inventiv)
  • Typically, Apple charges a 30% transaction fee on all the in-app purchases that take place in every app published via Apple App Store. As a result, they also charged Spotify for its in-app subscription method. (Source: Tech 25s)
  • Spotify is similar to, but not quite like its competitors. It’s like Spotify takes the best parts of various streaming companies and mashes them together. There’s an offline download available, dedicated mobile apps, a free version, and much more. But it doesn’t force you to pay through the nose for all of it — users can choose different subscription options. (For more on the competition, scroll down below the list.)
  • Spotify offers free accounts (but only for people with invitations). Get invited, and you don’t have to pay a single cent if you don’t want, and you’ll get six months of unlimited streaming. But there are trade-offs: First, you’ll have to deal with advertisements. Second, after that six months is up, you’ll be capped at 10 hours of streaming per month. (Word has it that a maximum cap of 5 plays per track may also be instituted.) And there are no downloads or mobile access with this option. For that, you’ll have to get a Premium subscription.
  • Spotify has two paid service tiers. Aside from the free account, there are two other options: Desktop-only, no-cap Unlimited plan for $5 monthly, or $10 Premium, which offers both PC and mobile access, and offline music downloads. (In other countries, Spotify eventually changed its TOS over time, and now many European users are apparently quite upset about the U.S. service’s currently cheaper prices. So enjoy it while it lasts.) [EDITED: Corrected to transpose Premium and Unlimited.]
  • Spotify music catalog may or may not vary from those available abroad. Licensing negotiations can be tricky, and even though some are reporting that Spotify’s full inventory is available in the U.S., some users have complained about some missing artists or titles. Confusion and roadblocks may just be a fact of life for now — at least until the music labels (not to mention TV/entertainment companies) get their heads out of their… well, you know.
  • Spotify doesn’t have every song known to man, though. Spotify’s catalog — with 13 to 15 million tracks — practically doubles Rdio’s, but can’t touch GrooveShark’s. So it’s a respectable size, but don’t be surprised if your favorite indie band’s not on here.
  • Spotify lets you create playlists. Find songs you want to hear, and then drag and drop to create playlists for listening. You can also share with friends, thanks to simple and easy Facebook integration.
  • Spotify offers desktop and mobile apps. You can listen to your Spotify songs and playlists via Android or iOS apps, or via the desktop client. (Source: Tech Nobuffalo)

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