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50+ Whatsapp Facts Which is Unbelievable

Here Are The List Of 50+ Whatsapp Facts Which is Unbelievable:

Exciting Whatsapp Facts:

  • WhatsApp Did Not Spend a Penny on Marketing and User Acquisition.
  • WhatsApp Users Opens The App Around 23 Times a Day.
  • More than 29 Million Messages are Sent Every Minute a Whatsapp.
  • Google Offered to Purchase Whatsapp for $10 Billion.
  • Facebook Acquired Whatsapp for $19 Billion.
  • Jan Koum Became a Billionaire in 2015.
  • WhatsApp is the Third Most Downloaded Android App in the world.
  • WhatsApp Introduced Voice Messaging in 2013.
  • WhatsApp Supports 60 Different Languages.
  • WhatsApp Exceeds the GDP Of Some Countries.
  • WhatsApp Net Worth Exceeds NASA and American Airlines. (Source: App Verticals)

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Amazing Whatsapp Facts:

  • WhatsApp founded in 2009 by former Yahoo! employees Brian Acton and Jan Koum
  • Sequoia Capital invested $8 million in 2011
  • 70% of users are active on a daily basis
  • WhatsApp says they are adding 1 million users every day.
  • They currently employ 50 people
  • 32 engineers working on WhatsApp, i.e. one engineer is responsible for 14 million active users!!
  • 400 million active users in December
  • Rising to 450 million active users according to Facebook’s press release
  • The app is the 5th most downloaded app on Android
  • WhatsApp doesn’t sell ads and zero have appeared on the app
  • Twitter and Facebook had the chance to hire founder Brian Acton but didn’t!
  • The total value of the deal: $19 Billion ($4 billion in cash, $12 billion in stock, and $3 billion in restricted stock)
  • $1 Billion Break-up fee should the deal not go through.
  • Jan Koum keeps a note from Brian taped to his desk that reads “No Ads! No Games! No Gimmicks!” To keep them focused on building a pure messaging experience.
  • WhatsApp spent ZERO cash on marketing, PR and user acquisition
  • WhatsApp’s messaging volume is approaching the entire global telecom SMS volume
  • On Dec 31st, 2013 users sent a total of 54 billion messages during the day (3x increase from 2012) (Source: Pay Mill)

Super Crazy Whatsapp Facts:

  • The company’s co-founders were rejected by Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can use WhatsApp to compress images and videos.
  • WhatsApp creates a user account in the form of [phone number]@s.whatsapp.net.
  • Type “WhatsApp://send?text=HELLO” in the browser address bar.
  •  See when your messages were read.
  • Custom notifications for any contact or group.
  • Text formatting – bold, italics, and strike-through.
  •  WhatsApp doesn’t store user data.
  •  WhatsApp provides 256-bit end-to-end encryption. (Source: Gadgets NDTV)
  • WhatsApp is controlled by just 55 employees for a billion users.
  • The name “WhatsApp” was derived from the phrase “What’s Up!” used when starting a conversation.
  • The average time a user spends on WhatsApp per week is nearly 200 minutes.
  • WhatsApp is available in more than 40 languages (60 in Android) on different platforms making it the only application to reach the mark.
  • WhatsApp does not store any conversation, audio, image, or video files on their servers. After the message is delivered to the recipient, nothing is left stored on WhatsApp servers.
  • No marketing or promotion strategies were performed to attract user base on WhatsApp during its launch in 2009. Still, it is the largest base of the Internet audience.
  • Most people don’t know that changing the text format is possible on WhatsApp. It is simple.
  • WhatsApp was sold to Facebook in a $19 Billion deal after 5 years when co-founders were rejected by Facebook. (Source: Fact Wish)

Whatsapp General Facts:

  • How many people use WhatsApp Status: 450 million daily active users
  • How many people average number of daily voice calls made on WhatsApp: 100 million voice calls on WhatsApp per day WhatsApp Status: 450 million daily active users
  • Amount of time spent by WhatsApp users making calls on it each day: 2 billion minutes per day
  • The average number of WhatsApp video calls made daily: over 55 million calls per day
  • The average number of WhatsApp video call minutes used per day: 2 billion minutes per day
  • Percentage of monthly WhatsApp users that use it daily: 70%
  • Number of daily active WhatsApp users: 1 billion daily active WhatsApp users
  • Number of messages sent via WhatsApp daily: 65 billion messages per day
  • Total number of WhatsApp groups: 1 billion WhatsApp groups
  • Number of languages supported by WhatsApp: 60 languages
  • The amount that Facebook bought WhatsApp for: $19 billion
  • Estimated number of WhatsApp users in China: 2 million WhatsApp users in China
  • Number of WhatsApp users in India: 400 million WhatsApp users in India
  • Number of WhatsApp users in Mexico: 57.2 million
  • Number of WhatsApp users in Italy: 32.9 million
  • Number of WhatsApp users in Spain: 30.5 million
  • The top country for WhatsApp video calling usage: India
  • Number of WhatsApp active users when Facebook acquired them: 450 million monthly active users
  • Number of countries WhatsApp is used in 180 countries
  • Percentage of WhatsApp users in Hong Kong that rely on it for news: 36%
  • The average number of fake accounts WhatsApp bans per month: 2 million (Source: Expanded Ramblings)

Surprising Whatsapp Facts:

  • WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide.
  • WhatsApp processes over 340 million minutes on video calls per day.
  • 200 million WhatsApp users are in India alone.
  • 92% of all smartphones in Israel have WhatsApp installed.
  • WhatsApp has over 5 billion installs from Google Play Store.
  • Some Dual-SIM devices aren’t compatible with WhatsApp.
  • India has a special WhatsApp service unique to their country.
  • WhatsApp originally had several security flaws.
  • WhatsApp discontinued support for older models in 2020.
  • WhatsApp once had only 55 employees.
  • WhatsApp Web and Desktop does not support audio or video calling.
  • There’s a second search option on WhatsApp.
  • Several other options are among the additional settings available in WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp was also used to influence Brazil’s 2018 Elections.
  • WhatsApp mobile has several photo editing options.
  • You can access your WhatsApp profile using Status on the mobile app. (Source: Facts)

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