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30+ Surprising Wikipedia Facts That You Know

You Will Never Believe In These Wikipedia Facts:

Surprising Wikipedia Facts:

  • As a spinoff from the famous “Hotel California” by The Eagles, Wikipedia’s official theme song is “Hotel Wikipedia.” Released in 2004, the song is made specifically for “wikipediaholics” and features lines like “There were pages begging for clean-up…” and “Edit page; you’ll do well…”
  • Wikipedia, along with its sister projects under the Wikimedia Foundation, which include Wiktionary, Wikibook, Wikimedia Commons, and more, receives 10 edits per second. At the time of writing this article, English Wikipedia has more than 5.5 million articles and an average of 600 new articles daily.
  • There are currently more than 32.5 million people on Wikipedia who have registered usernames. They’re called “Wikipedians” and have the ability to edit Wikipedia pages.
  • Wikipedia makes sure to save some of the weirdest articles that it receives and catalogs them as “DAFTs,” or “deleted articles with freaky titles.” Some of these DAFTs include “The role of clowns in modern society,” “Angry donkey” and “Beer for dogs.”
  • Jan. 15 is an important day for Wikipedia: its birthday. And since it went public on that day in 2001, Wikipedia recognizes it as “Wikipedia Day” and people celebrate both online and offline. In 2011, when Wikipedia turned 10, it created a page that listed meetups and celebrations that people could partake in all around the world to commemorate the special day.
  • As of December 2017, there are 299 different language editions of Wikipedia. However, 11 are not active. Of the 288 actives, some of the most obscure include Kanuri, Anglo Saxon, Old Church Slavonic, and Cheyenne — to name a few. (Source: Entrepreneur)

Few Impressive Wikipedia Facts:

  • There’s a correlation between the weather and the number of people editing Wikipedia at a given time. Bad weather means lots of editing.
  • There’s a guessing pool to hypothesize which Wikipedia article will be the last one EVER EDITED.
  • At one point, Wikipedia instituted a week-long ban on IP addresses that belonged to Congress. It seems that Congresspeople were editing each other’s articles a little too zealously.
  • The top pages in the English-language version of Wikipedia are a mix of subjects that include references to current events (ISIS), websites (Facebook, Google), and popular media (a list of Bollywood films, “Star Wars,” “Game of Thrones”).
  • The list for the Japanese version, on the other hand, is made up mostly of pop culture subjects. Seven of the top 10 pages are from the world of comics, movies, or music.
  • Sports were popular in the Spanish version – volleyball and basketball were the second and third most popular pages, respectively, while Copa America 2015 was the seventh-largest. History was also popular, with World War II as the sixth largest and World War I the ninth.
  • Social networking was popular in Russian. Rival social platforms VK and Classmates were No. 2 and No. 9, respectively.

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General Wikipedia Facts:

  • There are a massive 17 million articles on Wikipedia, with the number increasing every day.
  • There are 262 different language versions of the website, although the English, German and French versions have the most articles.
  • Of the 17 million articles, 3.5 million of them are written in the English language.
  • On 9 September 2007, the English version of Wikipedia surpassed two million articles. It made it the largest encyclopedia ever put together and took the record from the Yongle Encyclopedia, which had held it for 600 years.
  • Wikipedia claims to have roughly 325 million readers, meaning there are 21 users to every article on the website.
  • There have to date been over one billion edits on Wikipedia, again with the number growing all the time and being positively encouraged by founder Jimmy Wales.
  • The word “wiki” is the Hawain word for “quick” but now has its own definition as “a web application that allows anyone visiting a website to edit the content on it.”
  • The servers for Wikipedia are hosted in Florida, therefore content on the site is subject to the US state’s laws.
  • Many of us may go straight to, however, 50 per cent of the website’s traffic actually comes from Google. (Source: It Pro)

Few Unknown Wikipedia Facts:

  • Wikipedia Facts: No One Knows What The First Article Was
  • There’s Extreme Gender Inequality In Its Editors
  • They Keep A Fascinating List Of Deleted Pages With Names Too Great To Be Lost To History
  • Wikipedia Is Probably Even Bigger Than You Think
  • The Site’s Language Distribution And International Popularity Will Surprise You
  • Number of articles in English is more than 5 million
  • The total number of page edits since Wikipedia was set up is 812,235,848.
  • The average number of monthly page-views for Wikipedia is 18 billion.
  • Wikipedia has a gigantic 38 million number of articles.
  • On average, edits per page is 21.13.
  • Wikipedia’s most visited page to date is “Lists of deaths by year”.
  • The total number of pages on Wikipedia which is in English is 38 million.
  • The number of Wikipedia active editors is 115,000.
  • On average, 800 new articles are added per day.
  • The percentage of Wikipedia articles that belong to the English-edition is 13%.
  • Swedish is the second most popular language on Wikipedia.
  • The total size of Wikipedia is 30 terabytes.
  • The number of Wikipedia administrators is 1386.
  • The number of active contributors to Wikipedia is more than 76,000.
  • Wikipedia has articles in more than 285 languages.
  • 6000 articles contain videos on Wikipedia.
  • The percentage of Wikipedia articles that contain videos is 0.12%.
  • Most edited Wikipedia page in history is of George W. Bush (Source: DSIM )

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