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Worlds Top Email Software List To Know

Email Software List: To customize advertising and marketing emails and maintain ROI in check, email listing administration is a critical step in advertising and marketing efforts. It can assist your group to generate leads whilst concurrently growing an extra delightful, customized client experience.

Using email administration equipment is a convenient way to analyze metrics that you do not have time to accumulate yourself, like CTR subscriber count. Additionally, this software program can furnish you with strong insights and pointers on how to enhance ROI.

To shop you the trouble of learning the high-quality software program equipment for electronic mail listing management, we have performed the heavy lifting for you. Take a appear at the 10 nice electronic mail listing administration software program tools, below.

Here is the List of Worlds Top Email Software To Know

Systems listed on a light purple background are no longer in active development.

Name Initial release Latest stable release Latest release date Written in Licenses
Dada Mail 2000-01 11.8.1[1] 2020-01-08[±] Perl GNU GPL
Discourse 2013 2.5.0[2] 2020-06-24[±] Ruby GNU GPLv2 +
ezmlm-idx 1997-06-15[3] 7.2.2[4] 2014-05-15 C GNU GPLv2 +
GNU Mailman 1999-07-30[5] 3.3.1[6] 2020-04-19[±] Python, some C GNU GPLv2 +
GroupServer 2005 16.04[7] 2016-03-01 Python, some C GNU GPL
LISTSERV 1986 16.5[8] 2019-07-09 proprietary
Majordomo 1992-06 1.94.5[9] 2000-01-19 Perl Majordomo License Agreement
Organic Groups Mailing List 2010-04-12[10] 7.x-1.1.alpha2[11] 2014-04-06 PHP GNU GPL
phpList 2000-03[12] 3.5.3[13] 2020-04-22[±] PHP AGPL
Sympa 1997-04-01 6.2.48[14] 2019-09-29 Perl, some C GNU GPL

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