200+ Mind Blowing YouTube Facts In 2020

YouTube Facts

Here is the list of 200+ Mind-Blowing Youtube Facts in 2020:

  • Around three-quarters of U.S. adults (73%) say they use YouTube
  • YouTube channels generate a massive amount of content every week.
  • Most popular YouTube channels don’t produce content in English
  • A small number of channels produce the majority of content, and a small number of videos generate the majority of views.
  • Videos about video games are especially popular – and lengthy.
  • Children’s content and videos featuring children are also very popular.
  • Most YouTube users in the U.S. say they at least occasionally encounter false or troubling content on the platform.
  • Many Americans use YouTube to stay informed and learn new skills.
  • YouTube recommendations push users toward progressively longer videos

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YouTube Facts Demographics:

  • 73% of US adults use YouTube.
  • 62% of YouTube users are Males.
  • 78% of US men adults use YouTube.
  • 68% of US women adults use YouTube.
  • 81% of 15–25 year-olds in the US use YouTube.
  • More than 15% of YouTube’s site traffic comes from the U.S.
  • 80% of YouTube users come from outside the US.
  • 62% of businesses use YouTube.
  • 9% of small businesses are on YouTube.
  • 35+ and 55+ age groups are the fastest growing YouTube demographics.
  • 75% of adults turn to YouTube for nostalgia rather than tutorials or current events.
  • Millennials prefer YouTube two to one over traditional television.
  • 51% of YouTube users say they visit the site daily.
  • 37% of the coveted 18 – 34 demographic are binge-watching.
  • 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices.
  • YouTube services are available in more than 100 countries in 80 languages..
  • Males are primarily watching soccer or strategy games.
  • Females are primarily watching beauty videos.
  • 95% of global internet population watches YouTube.
  • There 50 million creators on YouTube.
  • YouTube has 265 million active users in India.

Financials Youtube Facts:

  • YouTube was bought by Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion.
  • Google acquired YouTube as a way to combine their search and organization competencies with YouTube’s expansive video library.
  • Google has stayed fairly quiet about the performance details of YouTube.
  • Annual cost to run YouTube is $6.35 billion.
  • Youtube’s revenue came to $15.1 billion for the full year 2019, up 36% from 2018.
  • Highest paid YouTube stars made a combined total of $127 million in 2017.
  • Number of channels earning six figures per year on YouTube grows by 40% every year.
  • YouTube video influencers with 500-5k followers charge, on average, $315 per video.
  • YouTube video influencers with 500k+ followers charge, on average, $3857 per video.
  • YouTube mobile revenue continues to climb year on year.
  • Revenue from YouTube ads came to $4.7 billion in the fourth quarter, up 31% year over year.
  • Google is looking to YouTube to be its next driver of growth.
  • YouTube has come under scrutiny for the quality and content of its ad choices, causing many advertisers to leave over the controversy.

Fun YouTube Facts:

  • 1 billion hours of YouTube content is watched per day.
  • YouTube is the 2nd most visited site in the world.
  • YouTube attracts about 44% of all internet users.
  • 37% of all mobile internet traffic belongs to YouTube.
  • More than 70% of what people watch on YouTube is determined by its recommendation algorithm.
  • The first video was posted in 2005 from the San Diego Zoo.
  • Gangnam Style was so popular that it broke YouTube’s video counter.
  • By 2025, it’s predicted that 50% of viewers under 32 will not subscribe to the paid TV.
  • 60% of people prefer video platforms to live television.
  • 20% of users will leave a video if it hasn’t hooked them in the first 10 seconds.
  • YouTube provides a free space in Los Angeles for anyone with 10,000+ subscribers.
  • There are more than 31 million YouTube channels out there.
  • YouTube is technically the second largest search engine in the world.
  • There are 100+ music videos in the highest available video and audio quality.
  • Most viewed video on YouTube is Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” featuring Daddy Yankee with 6.6 billion views.
  • YouTube’s live stream of Coachella’s first weekend earned over 82 million live views.
  • Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video managed to generate 11 million dislikes (and counting!).
  • 60% of the most popular YouTube videos cannot be viewed in Germany.
  • Most popular YouTube channel has 126 million subscribers.
  • There are 9,000+ partners using Content ID, including many major network broadcasters, movie studios and record labels.
  • YouTube’s partners have claimed over 800 million videos since Content ID was implemented.
  • YouTube employees have the option of taking a slide instead of the stairs or the elevator

Awsome YouTube Facts:

  • YouTube was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in 2005 who were all employees of Paypal
  • YouTube was initially funded by bonuses received following the eBay buy-out of PayPal
  • The founding trio didn’t come up with the YouTube concept straight away. Legend has it that YouTube began life as a video dating site dubbed “Tune In Hook Up,” said to be influenced by HotorNot. The three ultimately decided not to go that route
  • The inspiration for YouTube as we know it today is credited to two different events. The first was Karim’s inability to find footage online of Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction,” and the second when Hurley and Chen were unable to share video footage of a dinner party due to e-mail attachment limitations
  • The domain name YouTube.com was registered on Valentine’s Day in 2005
  • The domain name caused a huge misunderstanding for Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment. Its company domain, “utube.com,” was overwhelmed with traffic from people that tried to spell the video site’s name phonetically
  • The first video on YouTube is of one of the co-founders Jawed Karim talking about elephant’s trunks titled “Me at the Zoo” shot at the San Diego Zoo.
  • The first video has received over 4.8 million views
  • Google paid $1.65 billion for YouTube in November 2006
  • Google serves over 6 times more videos than its next closest competitor according to Nielsen
  • Google’s auto speech recognition technology translates 51 languages including captions
  • The longest Video ever on YouTube is 48 hours (2 days!)
  • The ‘how to’ video category is the fastest growing vertical on YouTube
  • YouTube has 490 million users worldwide (unique visitors per month)
  • It generates an estimated 92 billion page views each month.
  • The average YouTube user visits the site 14 times per month
  • The average user spends an average of 25 minutes on the site each time they visit.
  • The average user spends 5 hours and 50 minutes per month (not as much as Facebook)
  • Together, we spend 2.9 billion hours on YouTube in a month. That’s 326,294 years.
  • More than 13 million hours of video were uploaded during 2010 and 35 hours of video are uploaded every minute.
  • The amount of video uploaded in 2010 is the equivalent of 150,000+ full-length movies in theaters each week
  • More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years
  • 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
  • YouTube is localized in 25 countries across 43 languages
  • YouTube’s demographic is broad: 18-54 years old
  • YouTube reached over 700 billion playbacks in 2010
  • They have signed over 10,000 advertising partners to date, including Disney, Turner, Univision and Channel 4 and Channel 5
  • Hundreds of partners are making six figures a year
  • There are over 7,000 hours of full-length movies and shows on YouTube
  • YouTube is monetizing over 2 billion video views per week globally
  • 94 of AdAge’s Top 100 advertisers have run campaigns on YouTube and the Google Display Network
  • The number of advertisers using display ads on YouTube increased by 1,000% in the last year
  • YouTube has more HD content than any other online video site
  • 10% of YouTube’s videos are available in HD
  • Automated Content ID (which detects duplicate content to prevent copyright infringements) scans over 100 years of video every day
  • More than 1000 partners are using Content ID, including every major US network broadcaster, movie studio and record label
  • Over a third of YouTube’s total monetized views come from Content ID
  • Over 4 million people are connected and auto-sharing to at least one social network
  • An AutoShared Tweet results in 6 new youtube.com sessions
  • Over 5 million people have found and subscribed to at least one friend on YouTube using friend-finding tools
  • Millions of subscriptions happen each day. Subscriptions allow you to connect with someone you’re interested in—whether it’s a friend, or the NBA—and keep up on their activity on the site.
  • Users like Machinima, MysteryGuitarMan, Fred, collegehumor, and UniversalMusicGroup have millions of subscribers
  • More than 50% of videos on YouTube have been rated or include comments from the community
  • Millions of videos are favorited every day
  • YouTube mobile gets over 100 million views a day
  • The YouTube player is embedded across tens of millions of websites
  • YouTube says that on average there are more than 400 tweets per minute containing a YouTube link
  • The most watched video (that is not a music video) is “Charlie Bit My Finger” with currently 317 million views
  • The most watched music video is Justin Bieber’s “Baby” which currently has over 536 million views
  • In 2009 the US Congress and President YouTube channels were launched

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